Per Person.

minimum of 4
and a
maximum of 6,
welcome to fill the boat

4 hour trip
9am or 1:30

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Payment only: cash,
personal check or traveler checks also
7.5% sales tax



Try a Key West Yacht Vacation (http://yachtlodge.blogspot.com/)
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Take advantage of this fabulous 45’ Mainship Motor yacht with a salon, head and a large cockpit.

 There is also a swimming platform and a flying bridge with comfortable seating for six (6) passengers.




Delphine Charters
Your party only.
BEST value in Key West

Let Captain Chuck, USCG certified captain; take you on an unforgettable boating experience.

Click here for more Information on the Western Sambo Reef

Do a combination …Go snorkeling, then drop anchor and do some bottom fishing..

Board the Delphine and have Captain Chuck run up the twin diesels for a  45 minute journey mles out into the Atlantic Ocean to the Western Sambo. This live reef is one of Key West best; here you will see huge coral heads. You can see Elkhorn coral the last remaining stands of living coral in the Lower Keys, which was once in abundant here

See tons of tropical fish, don’t be surprise to see a Nurse Shark on the bottom, big black and scary, however they are harmless. Dolphins are a common sight and possible even a sea turtle or a Sting Ray will be seen on this incredible ocean adventure.

This snorkeling trip puts you I think in a magical place; it is the Florida Keys
Largest protected zone. When I am here I feel as if I am one with the sea life,
they don’t seem to mind the snorkelers getting close enough to touch.
It is
intense; words cannot explain the extreme joy and elation this place brings.

Your small party will not scare off the ocean life in this unique spot I bring you to.

Once you enter the warm water you are instantly over taken by hundreds of fish, my giant aquarium called the Western Sambo. We move along a reef that’s a thousands feet long and we cut through a underwater fox hole with coral on both sides, sea fans are moving in the ocean breeze, you are surrounded by brilliant colors. Swimming along we come to a giant donut hole carved in the reef. At this spot if you are a good swimmer you can deflate your safety vest and swim under the reef at a depth of 13 eet.

At this southern most spot you are 160 miles off the coast of Miami and 7 mile s off the Island of Key West. You are surrounded by countless sea creatures, everywhere your eyes wander you will be amazed and surprised by the variety of life you will see. Three quarters of the world is covered by water so take the dip into another world to see what’s there, you won’t regret it.

So...travel 45 minutes to snorkel Key West’s largest protected reef,
 the Western Sambo, and fish near it.


Definitely the highlight of your vacation.
People all over the world are telling tales of their adventures
aboard the Delphine…

This reef is about 3 to 10 feet deep so take the plunge into the warm ocean water
 with top quality snorkel gear compliments of the Delphine.

Do some Reef Fishing in Tropical Key West, Florida USA ..  


When you are done fishing at the second reef, why not jump in and snorkel a while with the fish
 you almost caught or the one you caught and released, that is if you dare.
So relax and let Captain Chuck take you on an incredible ocean experience, in Key West Florida.


Our emphasis is fun, so be sure to bring some food and drinks to suit your needs. 

  Don’t forget your swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen !





Contact Captain Chuck 

For directions...
Click on the address below

 Oceanside Marina
5950 Peninsula Ave, Slip#613
Key West Florida 33040

To make reservations, Email your name, trip date and cell phone number.
Deposit not required.

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Key West Sail Boat Rental

Stay aboard a sailboat with AC and cable TV 75$ a night, Key West Florida

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Key West Holiday Yacht Vacation

  • Looking for something different, stay aboard your own private yacht for $185 per night with tax,199$. Three staterooms, with private showers, lodging for you and your entourage, up to 6 a great way to spend the your vacation in Key West.
    Located on the ocean side at mile marker 4.5, at Oceanside Marina 5950 Peninsular Ave, Key West 33040.

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